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Cracking XI Commerce MBA BALLB from Aligarh?

We Got You! Aligarh's Top Faculty & Proven Results.

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About Yasir Ali Classes

Yasir Ali Classes offers expert guidance and personalized coaching to help you achieve your career goals. We, at Yasir Ali Classes offer supportive and inspirational environments for young enquiring minds to learn and grow with us. Our passion for learning means we achieve more than outstanding results. We strive to build confident and creative thinkers and aim at delivering an education that is truly relevant to their future.

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Jamia Millia University and Aligarh Muslim University are among the top-scoring universities in the Ministery of Human Resource and Development assessment report.


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YASIR ALI CLASSES is renowned as the best coaching in Aligarh, consistently ranking among the top 10 coaching institutes in the region. We specialize in AMU entrance exam coaching, making us the best coaching in Aligarh for this prestigious institution.

What Sets Us Apart?

YASIR ALI CLASSES excels with an expert faculty, cutting-edge teaching methods, and a nurturing environment. Prepare for AMU entrance exams with confidence, knowing you’re on the path to academic success.

Skilled Teachers

Exemplary faculty ensuring top-tier guidance for academic excellence and success.

Affordable Courses

Quality education with budget-friendly courses for everyone.

Efficient & Flexible

Efficient, flexible learning solutions tailored to individual student needs.

Meet Our Best Teachers

Zaid Anwar


M.A Ahad


Anam Tabassum




Most Featured Courses

Our programs are meticulously crafted to ensure comprehensive subject knowledge, with a focus on equipping students with the skills and confidence they need to excel in their academic pursuits

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Yasir Ali Classes - A Sure Success Strategy

At YASIR ALI CLASSES, we’ve got a winning formula for success! Our expert guidance, creative teaching, and supportive environment make sure you not only excel academically but also transform into a better, brighter version of yourself for the future. Join us on this exciting journey!

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Part-1, Aligarh Movement | Sir Syed Ahmad Khan | XI & BA Entrance | AMU | JMI | Yasir Ali Classes

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B.com Entrance SYLLABUS (AMU) || B.Com Entrance Exam Preparation|Yasir Ali Classes

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XI Entrance SYLLABUS (AMU) | XI Entrance  | 2020-21|Arts/ Commerce & Science | By Zaid Sir

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B.Com Semester 1 Chapter 01 Valuation of Shares part 3 Yield method by Yasir Ali Sir

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How to Prepare For AMU MBA Entrance | Session 2021-2022 | Yasir Ali Classes

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B.com Entrance 2020-21 | Full Paper Discussion | AMU ENTRANCE

Review's From Students

Students rave about YASIR ALI CLASSES for its exceptional teaching, personalized attention, and transformative learning environment—setting the stage for academic success and bright future

YASIR ALI CLASSES exceeded my expectations with its dedicated faculty and innovative teaching methods. The personalized attention I received significantly boosted my confidence for the AMU entrance exams.

Afreen Sayyad

Choosing YASIR ALI CLASSES was a game-changer. The supportive learning environment and expert guidance propelled me to success in AMU entrance exams. Highly recommended for aspirants!

Hammad Ahmad

YASIR ALI CLASSES stands out for its flexible and efficient learning solutions. The experienced educators create a nurturing atmosphere that fosters deep understanding, preparing students remarkably well for the challenges ahead.

Noori Parveen

I am grateful for the transformative experience at YASIR ALI CLASSES. The combination of a committed faculty, cutting-edge methodologies, and a conducive learning environment proved instrumental in achieving my academic goals.


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