How to choose the best coaching classes

One of the most important decisions in a student’s life is choosing the coaching institute that is best for them, as this decision alone has the power to shape their future.

However, as simple as it may sound, choosing the right coaching classes can be troublesome for the student. Training is an extreme business in India, and a proportionate amount is spent on branding and promotions. Marketing activities are strong enough to mislead a significant portion of the students.

Here is a set of some essential points which will help the students to choose the best possible coaching by neutralizing the effect of heavy advertisement.

1. Teaching Quality

This is one of the most important aspects to consider while selecting coaching institutes. The point is that accurate instructors have the capability to absolutely rework college students from non-thinkers to sturdy thinkers. So ask for a list of lecturers/professors who make up the faculty with their qualifications.

The presence of teachers on teachers passing such exams is always beneficial for the institute and the students.

Nowadays, many coaching centers conduct demo classes and mock sessions for students and parents to showcase their faculty. These sessions help in taking the right and wise decisions.

2. Batch Strength

Seating Structure and Batch Strength: All you need to know about the batch strength of a coaching institute. Suppose there are two coaching institutes. One has a batch capacity of 60 students in a class and another has a batch capacity of around 150+ students in a class, and the other one is a reputed coaching institute.

So who would you choose? Going by a brand name you will choose the second one but looking at the strength of the batch you will choose the first one. In such a situation, you need to take a thoughtful decision.

3. Time Management and Discipline

It is critical to make nice use of sometime even as preparing for competitive tests. Well, when you join a coaching institute, you will get time to study for every topic in the exam. With the help of the coaching institute, you can complete the exam syllabus on time.

Additionally, you will have enough time to revise the entire syllabus at the end. Note that just attending a coaching institute is not enough. Do self-study to retain the concepts studied in class.

4. Previous Records

Fourth is the track record of the coaching institute. Experienced/old/established coaching institutes are always ahead of new coaching institutes. You have to inquire how much experience this coaching institute has. What experience do they have in preparing their students the best for their exams?

For this, try to see their track record, i.e. how many students were enrolled for a course, how many were successful, and what percentage of students ranked in the top 1000 or top 500, or 100. In this case, do not just go for the testimonials or the reception desk of the coaching institute.

Forgetting this data you can try the internet for records or information which you need. Any relative or friend whose ward has cleared this type of exam before can guide you very well.

5. Mock Test

A good coaching institute conducts mock tests on every topic or they provide free online test series to test yourself. You can attempt online mock tests to simulate your preparation level and come to know about your strengths and weaknesses.

Also, you can get real exam experience and boost your confidence for real attempts. Practicing mock tests improves your speed and accuracy in solving questions. The teachers of coaching institutes can help you to improve your weak areas. They can tell you the right way to take the test.


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